Game Changer in the Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Was Not Bloody and Bruised Like He Claimed

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Zimmerman, unscathed.

ABC News has obtained exclusive surveillance footage of Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, arriving at the Sanford police station in handcuffs appearing totally unscathed, contradicting previous reports saying that Zimmerman had “a wound that almost needed stitches,” as Mediaite notes. ABC says, Zimmerman claims “he shot Martin after he was punched in the nose, knocked down and had his head slammed into the ground.” But this surveillance video shows a man who looks totally clean, not a scratch or drop of blood on him, his bald head very visibly perfectly intact, his face without any swelling. Additionally, he doesn’t appear to be in any physical pain or emotional distress, which makes me question the assertion that Zimmerman “cried and cried” after he shot Trayvon.

Take a look:

Many members of the public began to question Trayvon Martin’s innocence this week when the Orlando Sentinel published a piece providing Zimmerman’s side of the story as well as the corroborating police report, which states that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman first and smashed his head into the sidewalk. This surveillance video makes it plain that Zimmerman was certainly – at the very least – exaggerating about the extent of the altercation, if not fabricating the whole story.

ABC News also notes that the lead homicide investigator for the Sanford police department “filed an affidavit urging Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor, however, told the officer to not file the charge because there was not enough evidence for conviction.”

Or, many folks are wondering, is it because George Zimmerman’s father Robert Zimmerman is a retired Virginia Supreme Court magistrate? A fact that Zimmerman used to explain away his 2005 arrest when he applied to be part of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Citizens Law Enforcement Academy in 2008.

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