Gaming Addict? Gadget Curbs Game Play


kids20playing20video20gamesIs there a gaming addict living under your roof? Someone who doesn’t know when to stop trying to get to that next level, get the top score or can’t pull themselves away from their alternate reality.  There is – no doubt – countless parents out there who would love to obtain some magical gadget to limit their kids game play. A 79-year-old thinks he has the solution. The answer? His invention – the GameDr.

This device is akin to a fancy schmancy egg timer. Mom or Dad just sets the time for how long they’ll allow game playing. When the allotted time has run out, the GameDr immediately shuts off the gaming system.  The password protected unit connects to your power cord so it’ll work with any console out there. “There are moms who say they love this, and that they know 10 people who need one,” said a marketing director of the company that sells GameDr. “And there are gamers who say it’s terrible and that parents should just monitor their kids.”

Hopefully your kids will just accept the limits you set for them and they won’t figure out that they can “circumvent the GameDr by using a spare power cord”.  Guess you’ll just have to hide all of those too.

Do you think an item like this is totally superfluous? And that just saying “time to stop playing”, using a regular old kitchen timer, or just turning it off yourself is enough?


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