'Gavin Strong' Photos Offer Emotional Support to Toddler Fighting Cancer (VIDEO)

Be Gavin Strong
Gavin is strong!

A 2-year-old with an ear infection is no big deal. But when Gavin Morris’ cleared up, he was still in pain. As it turns out, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the nerve cells called neuroblastoma, which is found in 700 children annually.

One thing in particular that’s helping little Gavin attempt to beat Stage IV neuroblastoma with all of his might are seeing the strong faces of supportive and loving people. And they’ve been coming from all over — his home state of West Virginia, as well as Colorado, Las Vegas, Disney World and Italy. A Facebook page, Be Gavin Strong, allows total strangers to post photos of their own strong faces so they can inspire Gavin to stay strong. There’s also information on a Morris family website about how to help pay for some of Gavin’s medical bills.

Take a moment to watch the video and then maybe offer Gavin your own strong face of support (or some of the financial kind):


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