‘Gay Cure App For Sale in iTunes; Does Apple Practice What They Preach?

Will a “gay cure” app in iTunes spoil Apple for you?

I’m the first to admit that I’m a hypocrite. I don’t let my daughter have a piece of chocolate after dinner if I feel like she hasn’t had enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day, while I might have had nothing leafy or green in a week and eat a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies for lunch.

But she’s only 2 and I know that most of what I say and do along those lines only has a mild affect on her now, particularly because she’s all about her and doesn’t notice if I say one thing and do another. When she gets a little older, wiser and more aware of anyone but herself, I have no doubt I’ll work harder at setting a better example.

A company like Apple, on the other hand, can hardly get away with being two-faced because its audience is very tuned in to what it’s doing — literally. Which is why I find it rather shocking that they would allow a “gay cure” app to be sold on iTunes.

The app, developed by a religious group that is against homosexuality, advocates helping gay people through teachings in the Bible.

While Apple routinely weeds out iTunes apps that offer sexually explicit content, offensive speech and hateful images, somehow this hateful, bigoted app made the cut.

Of course the folks behind the app, Exodus International, argues they’re not out to cure anyone. “We present a redemptive, biblical world view on sexuality … it’s a message of love and acceptance of those that are struggling with same-sex attraction,” they said to Fox News.

While ostensibly Apple can’t police every app, I would think they would know better than to offer for sale something so controversial and horribly hateful that suggests there is a remedy for how someone is born.

Everything has the potential to offend someone, of course, but an app to “cure” homosexuality is so insulting to so many people on so many levels that a company known for peace, love and iPods should know better.

There’s a lot I’ll do around my daughter right now when she’s in plain sight, and then there’s stuff I won’t do even when she’s not looking because I’ve decided that as a parent, I have a responsibility to abide by a certain code of conduct. It’s about integrity. How did Apple fall so far from their own tree on this one?

Do you think Apple should stop selling the “gay cure” app?

UPDATE: Apple has spoken about the controversy. Click here to see what, if any, action they took.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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