Gay Marriage Legalized in Riverdale! Archie Comics Features Same-Sex Wedding!

Archie comics

If they can do it in Riverdale, why can’t they do it everywhere?

Yes, Riverdale is a fictional town in which cartoon characters live. But this is progress, baby!

Last week, in the comic book, Life With Archie #16, gay character Kevin Keller got married, according to The Huffington Post. Raise a glass to the groom and groom!

Kevin becomes injured while serving in Iraq, and while recovering in a hospital, he meets an African-American doctor, with whom he falls in love.

Kevin was introduced to the Riverdale gang nearly two years ago because he’s supposed to be a reflection of “what’s going on with kids today in the real world,” Archie Comics CEO said in a recent interview with CNN.

The marriage received front page treatment, as all marriages should.

Does Kevin’s marriage — albeit in the funny pages — give you hope for the future of gay marriage? Or is a comic just a comic?

Image: Archie Comics

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