Gear Trade-In? Thanks But No Thanks


jardine-cribWhen I saw the press release about Babies R Us’ Great Trade-In Event, my first reaction was “What-EV-ERRR.” My impression had been that they were trying to get people to turn in recalled products for a measly, paltry 20 percent off a new purchase.

As I have written before, my kids slept/are sleeping in a recalled Jardine crib we purchased at Babies R Us. The process to replace it under the recall is as follows: Apply fort the recall kit, dismantle the crib, send in some piece of it that is essential to the assembly and use of the crib, and wait three weeks (during which time my baby is to check into a hotel or something, I guess) for a voucher which I can then bring to BRU for a replacement crib.

It’s that three-week wait that kills me. My kid sleeps horribly in our portable play yard, we’re not into co-sleeping (or we wouldn’t actually OWN a crib) and anyone we know who might have a crib is either using it or hopes to be soon. We can’t be the only people who don’t have a spare, right? So I keep checking the slats that are the source of the recall and hoping for the best while my son is using it for another year or so.

But that still leaves us with a crib we can’t pass on or sell, even if it doesn’t hurt our baby. It’s so irritating to me that this recall’s been handled so poorly, and really, 20 percent off, BRU? For our trouble? Really?

But, as it turns out, it’s any used crib, car seat, travel system, stroller and so on (basically any of the “big” baby gear) that qualifies for the percentage off a new version of the same item.

I am also wondering what’s going to happen to all this stuff. Will it get refurbished and donated to people in need, maybe, or just landfilled?

While I am sure BRU’s goal here is to get people to buy a second stroller they don’t actually need, I think it could help some people who maybe have kids spaced far enough apart that there has been a jump in the quality of baby gear in the interim. If this is you, the promotion ends Sept.20.