Generous Sixth Graders Donate Pizza Party to Charity


1196125_47676732Need a feel good story today? This is it.

Mr. Dompierre’s sixth grade class worked hard at collecting canned goods for the hungry. They worked so hard, they won the “Can-a-thon” competition held by a local TV station and earned a pizza party for their class.

The Ishpeming, MI students weren’t done giving, though. They decided to donate their reward, too. Several pizzas were donated to the local Salvation Army and will be given to families without the means to cook their food.

Giving cans from Mom and Dad’s pantry, that’s not a huge sacrifice for kids. But giving up the opportunity to blow off school for an afternoon and eat pizza with your friends? Now that’s a big deal. It’s clear that these kids really have learned what the real rewards are when you give back to your community.

Their generosity isn’t going unnoticed. According to sixth grader Lorissa Juntti, their principal will be giving them a pizza party anyway.