Get Paid with Square


If you’ve decided to launch a business and it involves selling cool stuff like my friend, Emma or my friend, Lisa you’ll need a way to get paid!

Thank goodness for technology… and Square.

Square is this handy little gadget (the Square card reader) that turns your iPhone, iPad or Android phone into a credit card reader. So need need for yet another piece of equipment, folks. Just plug it right into the headphone jack of your phone.

Co-founded by Jack Dorsey (also co-founder of Twitter), this mobile payment company is making it even easier for creative entrepreneurs. In my home town of St. Louis (and Dorsey’s), Square launched last October with much fanfare at Pi Pizzaria who also started using it for their Pi food truck. Since then, I’ve seen it used at my kids’ book fair, by the crepe food truck at the farmer’s market, and by Snap Stories at various craft fairs and expos.

This summer, Square announced that it secured another $100 million in Series C financing. This is good news for every proprietor that I’ve talked to that seems enamored with the convenience. This service is vying with PayPal for mobile payments. In my humble opinion, it’s a true contender for people who are trading tangible goods offline.

So where can you get one of these fancy dongles? It’s free online, $9.99 if you buy it in the real world — a cost they will refund you. Square card readers are sold at some Apple stores, Target, Radio Shack, and Best Buy. And, according to a Bloomberg article today, you’ll soon be able to buy them at the nation’s largest retailer: Wal-Mart.

If you’ve read Mom Incorporated and are ready to start a business, add Square to your list of resources to explore.