Get the Memo: Girls Can Do Anything, Including Football (video)


I tell my daughter she can do anything…provided she wants it and works hard to get it.

Dear Men-Caught-in-the-Boys-Only-Sports-Mentality-of-the-1950’s….. when I tell her this, I’m including, ‘Yes, you can play football’ on my list of things she can accomplish.  Will it take hard physical work?  You bet.  Can she expect special treatment on the field for being a girl? Absolutely not.  But, if she loves the game?  SHE CAN PLAY.

This is a memo I would like to send to the powers-that-be of Northeast Academy and Word of God Christian Academy in North Carolina…. According to the Tidewater News, the former is a school that threatened to forfeit a game if a girl was on the field for the opposing team, Southampton Academy of Virginia,  and the latter is a team still contemplating.

Eighth grader Mina Johnson just loves the game.  And she’s good at it.  And her team embraces her as a ‘teammate’. And yet, this week, she sat on the sidelines so her team could actually play – since Northeast refused to take the field with her on it.

The storybook ending?  Johnson’s team trounced the offending opposition 60-0.  They weren’t beat by a girl, but by something bigger: a team that has no problem with a girl taking the field.