Getting Back to Basics: How Often Do You Read Other Blogs?


A funny thing happened on the way to professional blogger-dom: I stopped reading blogs.  Well, not entirely; I read the occasional post that I see shared on Facebook or one that tweeted out with a catchy title, but the days of spending an hour (or more) a day catching up on the lives of my bloggy friends or getting inspiration from social media gurus have fallen by the wayside.  Time is precious and with some many blogging commitments, I just don’t have time to leisurely read posts like I’d love to.  And it irks me to no end.

When I started blogging, it was all about reading other blogs, commenting, adding to our blogrolls and finding new a great reads.  But these days, now that blogging and conference planning has become somewhat of a career for me (on top of my day job and 3 kids), I am sad to say that I haven’t opened my Google Reader in months because: (a) I don’t have the time and (b) I am terrified at the thought of having 1,000 unread posts to tackle.  What’s sadder still, is that I feel disconnected from getting first-hand glimpses into the lives of my favorite bloggers and reading their stories.  Sure Twitter is great, and Facebook (and maybe even Google+) are awesome, but there’s nothing like reading a good old fashioned blog post.

And so I’m re-committing to get back to basics and reconnect with the very experiences that got me so excited about blogging in the first place.  Here’s how I plan to do it:

First. I’m going to take a deep breath, open up my Google Reader and do a quick skim to remind myself of the great blogs that I follow.

Second. I’m going to pare down my list to about 10 blogs and start reading those regularly.

Third. To hold myself to the “regularly” part of this, I’m going to designate one night of the week to be my blog reading night.  I’m already looking forward to making a cup of tea and clicking over to see what my peeps are up to.

I’ll try this system for a month or so and, if it’s working out, then I’ll start adding more blogs to the rotation.

How do you keep up with reading blogs?

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