Getting More Family Time In Spite Of Work Time


dscn1180I don’t know how other parents do it.  It seems like I barely have time to get the kids off to school before I need to be at work and then, even not taking time off for lunch, it’s nearly bedtime by the time I’ve put in my eight hours and made my way home.  We never have enough time for playing games or working on projects together.  But what’s a parent to do, short of discovering a previously-unknown rich uncle?  We’ve got bills to pay; kids aren’t cheap!

The website LifeHacker has some thoughts on the matter.  The article suggests rearranging your schedule so you can do some of your work after the kids go to bed, freeing up valuable awake-time for family activities.  The author also recommends combining business with pleasure — business travel, that is.  If you can schedule business trips at the start or end of the week, consider turning them into a week-end getaway for the whole family.  With the possible exception of Fresno, just about everywhere that’s Not Home will have something of interest to the kids.

You can also do what my parents did — bring your kids with you and put them to work.  My father was an accountant and I could do ten-key touch almost before I could walk.  All the kids were set down with an adding machine and rows and columns of numbers to add up and verify.  It wasn’t exactly playing Candyland, but it was together-time.  One thing the LifeHacker article doesn’t mention is telecommuting — a great way to be there with and for your kids while still being able to get your work done.

Of course, not all of these are options for everyone, but you may be able to put some of them to use in your situation.  And if you have some tips on improving the work/family balance, please share them in the comments below.

Photo: Uncle Roger