Getting Nostalgic on Twitter With #IWishTheyWouldBringBack


Our wish will come true! The Muppets ARE coming back.

Today’s twitter trend is #IWishTheyWouldBringBack and judging from the amount of tweets about particular TV shows of the past, there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the programming of the 2011.

Some of the other tweets were surprising, some were a little preachy, and others reminded everyone that there really are people over 45 on twitter!

And good news to all the Muppet lovers: A new Muppet movie is coming out in November!


And the most re-tweeted thought of the day:

Anyone else shocked that Full House, of all things, would be invoked as “quality television” of yesteryear?  I guess when compared to the Nickelodeon filler our kids are exposed to today, but … yikes!


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