Getting Organized: A Simple Trick To Fix Your Reader

Does your feed reader look like this?

I always feel like my relationship with my feed reader is a definitely a strong love/hate thing. While I adore having the blogs I read in one easy-to-locate spot, I’m constantly oppressed by the number of unread posts I have waiting for me. Making the decision to delve into my reader feels a bit like choosing to launch into a wrestling match with me often coming out the loser.

I’m going to interrupt this diatribe to briefly explain a feed reader, in case you are like my husband who still uses bookmarks to find all the blogs he reads (as I did in the old days of blogging, before Google Reader and hell, even before Bloglines). An RSS feed is a simple tool that allows you to subscribe to a blog’s feed. Most blogs generate this feed to make it easy for you to follow them, and you’ll find the link to the feed located often with a symbol that looks like this orange box with the rounded lines over there. See it? Good. A feed reader (such as the two I linked earlier in this paragraph) bundles all those feeds into one website so you can easily read them. Got it?

I can’t tell you how many times other bloggers have joined me in lamenting the endless number of posts that are waiting to be read in their reader. I decided that it was time to take control and organize my reader. So how did I do that?

Okay, this is so stupidly simple that you can go ahead and skip leaving the “Duh, you idiot” comments on this post because, well, DUH YOU IDIOT indeed. What did I do? I made folders.

Yep, that’s all I did. Created folders, and put all the blogs I read into those FOLDERS.

I have folders for my best and closest friends (those people that get mad at me when I haven’t read their latest blog posts and are in my every day life so, yeah, gots to), industry blogs, entertainment stuff, politics, and every other category blog that is important to me.

It is awesome. If I want to read just industry posts, I can easily click onto that category and do so. It’s much easier to find the blogs of my friends, and to flit through the entertainment stuff when I’m bored (often on my phone).

It’s not perfect; I use Google Reader and the posts get dumped into the folders in no particular order other than oldest or newest first, so I can’t read successive posts in a straight line unless I click over to the blog itself (which, hell, we should all be doing, right? At least sometimes. One of the best ways to support a blogger is to go to their actual blog now and again!).

But it’s much better. What about you? Do you have any good tips for organizing your feed reader? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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