Google+ Circles- Make Them and Thank Me Later

Google Plus is quickly growing especially among the social media savvy. If you haven’t joined yet, you definitely want to try it out at the very least. I doubt your mother in law will use it, she’ll stay with Facebook. That may be a reason to switch right there.

One of the cool things about the circle system is that Google Plus can let you manage not just your friends, but the conversation as well.Take my advice, make lots of circles. Yes, it’s a hassle at first but you will be so happy you did it. You need to make circles for how you want to read updates and how you want to target your messages. Just do it and thank me later.

How am I using my circles? I’m still experimenting with targeted messaging circles and circles created to filter conversations. Today I’ll share seven types of Google+ circles you will want to create.

Google Plus Circle Categories to Create

Follow Back Circle Where you can put everyone who follows you on Google Plus that you aren’t 100% sure about yet. You’re taking the chance on following them back because they aren’t obvious spammers, but you don’t know enough yet to filter them into another circle yet. (I actually named this one ‘Dunno yet’)

Besties The people you have on speed dial. The people you text at 10pm with good news because you know them well enough to know they are still awake. Your peeps! Make sure you have this small, intimate circle that you can check so you don’t miss any of their important updates.

Blogging Accountability Circle You do have blogging buddies don’t you? A group of other bloggers that you support and are supported by? Whether in your niche or not, it doesn’t matter, the key is to pull together a handful of fellow bloggers on a similar level you’re at that can hold you accountability to your professional blogging goals.

Thought Leaders You want to be sure you’re following the go-getters, the remarkable and the thought leaders in whatever industry you are in. What are they posting about? How are they generating conversations? Is there a cutting edge news item you need to know about? Chances are this will be the group to break that news!

Frenemies- What? I can be honest here, right? There are people I don’t like. They are mean or obnoxious to me or people I love mostly. You know, the kind of people who talk smack or do underhanded things but are still lovely to you? You need to keep your eye on them. You know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Blog Community or Niche Circle This may or may not slightly overlap your blogging buddy circle but should include everyone within your following that blogs about a specific topic area. You definitely want to know what’s going on and what’s being talked about in a niche topic so don’t neglect this important circle! I have photographers, Foodies, DIY, Techies, political wonks, and etsy chicks.

Hyper Targeted Circles– I have circles for BlissDom, BlissDom Canada, Blissfully Domestic editors & writers, MomCrunch writers, Babble featured bloggers, and so on. Yes, it’s work to form these circles but you’ll thank me later. We’ll talk targeted messaging soon.

Next we’ll cover Using Google Plus Circles to Manage Conversations Online.

How are you organizing your Google Plus Circles? What circle do you have that you just couldn’t do without?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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