Ghost Story: Couple Claimed Evil Spirits Abused Their 2-Year-Old Son. Really?


Along the lines of excuses like “the dog ate my homework” or “I can’t go, I’ll be washing my hair”,  a Houston couple came up with a doozy of an excuse.

Erica Mendoza and her boyfriend Ivan Martinez were arrested for almost beating their son to death. But according to Mendoza and Martinez they were not responsible for the injuries their two-year-old son sustained. The culprit? They claimed a ghost did it.

The two had insisted that an ‘evil spirit’ in their home is who was responsible for beating their child. The toddler had multiple bruises and needed an emergency blood transfusion after suffering internal injuries, included a non-functioning kidney due to abuse.

The mother made the ridiculous claim that it was not her and her boyfriend that harmed him but that the ghost hurt him by tossing him around the room. But it wasn’t just the ghost that she blamed, she also tried to pin the injuries on her other child, a 4-year-old that she said injured her 2-year-old by “rough play.”

After trying to use evil spirits and other offspring as the abusers, Martinez was issued a lie detector test, which he failed. He then finally admitted he beat the child after he had thrown in breakfast onto the floor. Martinez was booked on charges of child abuse and Mendoza was “charged with injury to a child by omission.”

Did the couple actually believe the cops would buy their ghost story?

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