Girl Burned By Playground Equipment


180px-fire_tetrahedronsvgA 14-month-old Denver girl has third degree burns on her leg because she had the crazy idea to kneel down on a playground mat.

Her mother, Jeni LaPlante, says that the experience was “traumatizing” for her and daughter Annabelle.

Apparently the mats can get as hot as 150 degrees. Maybe I’m nuts, but that seems too darn hot.

Local officials call the burns “preventable” and advise kids not to touch anything on the playground with uncovered body parts. What are they supposed to do? Wear gloves on the slide?

When I wrote about this last year I seem to recall someone pointing out that it wouldn’t be too tough to plant some trees, which would create this cooling effect known as “shade.” Interesting theory. Maybe we could try it out.

Image: Wikipedia

Source: TheDenverChannel

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