Girl Dies After Doing Meth . . . With Her Mom

Hey, parents: Hugs, not drugs, remember?

The latest chapter in my book, Just Because Mostly Everyone Can Be a Parent Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should Be a Parent, is ready for release. The subject? Doris Sherrane Rigsby, 34, of Waukomis, Oklahoma.

She’s the mother of the year who did some meth with her 15-year-old daughter, Linda, at a family gathering. Linda subsequently died of an overdose.

To make matters worse (yes, there is something worse than Linda dying), she lay in the back seat of a car for several hours — unconscious but still alive — before Doris went for help. By the time she did, it was too late.

Also a meth participant at the family reunion was Linda’s older brother and Doris’ boyfriend.

Doris has been convicted of “encouraging a minor to commit a drug crime” and will serve a 10-year prison sentence as well as a 10-year suspended sentence. She got off kind of easy, considering she was initially charged with first-degree murder. Her beau pleaded guilty to unlawful delivery of a controlled and dangerous drug and will serve 15 years.

Hopefully by the time Doris comes out of prison her lady parts will be shriveled up to the extent that she is unable to bear more children.

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