Girl Finds Out Family's Dead Via Facebook


facebookhaveIf you thought all those status reports with the final score of the game you TiVo’d was bad, just wait.  A kid who went to Europe on vacation logged onto Facebook to touch base . . . only to find out her entire family had been murdered.

Police now say the trip may have saved her life.

The deaths occured in Brenda Lin’s native Australia, where her mom, dad, aunt and young brothers (one was only nine) were all killed at her home. The crime was so gruesome, police couldn’t even identify the bodies without the help of dental records and DNA. Now home, the girl has been secreted away by police to protect her while they make attempts to solve the mysterious murders.

Either way you put it, you have to feel badly for this kid. She’s the only surviving member of her family. And the natural narcissism of kids means she’s likely to spend a lot of time pondering why she was spared.

But this case also points to the big oversharing issues with Facebook. Did people really have to let this poor kid know she was an orphan via Facebook? The case of the aunt leaking sensitive details of her brother’s custody battle using her status updates pales in comparison.

I don’t need to know everything about your life. But if it’s a choice between the two, I say bring back the “my kid shit up the back of his diaper” updates. Leave the “oh yeah, your mom and dad were bludgeoned to death” news for face-to-face.

Image: Facebook

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