Girl Scout Honored for Teaching Creationism


girl-scout300wide225highThe Gold Award, the highest honor that the Girl Scouts offers, has been bestowed upon a Wisconsin teenager for her commitment to spreading the word about creationism. Annie Wichman put together a library of creation literature for her church, complete with a model of Noah’s Ark, and spent a summer teaching creationism to elementary schoolers. She fittingly titled her Gold Award project “Alternate Universe.”

It makes sense that the Girl Scouts would honor Annie for her hard work and commitment to a cause. And I have no problem with any of Annie’s creationist activities that are confined to her church. I am, however, troubled by her teaching six-year-olds that evolution is a myth.

Considering how much flak Girl Scouts have taken for even nominal endorsement of Planned Parenthood activities, parents should be at least as up in arms that the organization is promoting origin teachings that flout science in favor of personal belief.

In case you’re wondering what kind of things Annie might have been telling first graders, here’s a video of some creationist material (courtesy of Jezebel):

Photo: Answers in Genesis