Girl Scouts Recall Cookies


cookie_lemoncremeThe Girl Scouts won’t call it a recall, but if you bought a box of Lemon Chalet Cremes, you might want to call your local Girl Scout (or your daughter).

Little Brownie Bakers, one of the manufacturers for Girl Scout cookies, has reported costumers complained of an “off taste and smell from certain packages of Lemon Chalet Crème cookies,” so they’re giving you all refunds.

A company spokesman told AOL’s WalletPop that it’s not a recall, it’s a “quality withdrawal.” They can call it what they will, but we’re wondering what this will do the the hundreds of little girls who sold these cookies.

Are they going to lose their precious points toward their prize?

The good news for parents of these Scouts: considering the cookie sales are supposed to be about a lesson in economics, here’s another one! Recalls happen. A lot. And kids, you can never be too sure the food that comes out of a factory is good for your tummy.

By the way, your kids are fine. The cookies were deemed safe to eat, even if they tasted funny – and no other flavors were affected. According to Little Brownie Bakers’ site, the tests merely showed they were not up to quality standards. Girl Scout Councils who have the cookies are being directed to return them, but you can also contact the company if you have one of the boxes (the numbers you’re looking for are on their site).

Image: Little Brownie Bakers

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