Girl Tries to Save Mom's Life with Pizza Slap? You've Got to See This (Video)

Girl slaps mom with pizza saves life 911 call
Girl saves mom with 911 call, but first slaps her with pizza

Stories of kids coming to their parents’ rescue by placing a 911 call or otherwise saving the day are always good heartwarming material.

Check out the story of a life saving moment here, where young Rita Lawlor, 7, saved her mom’s life with a 911 call… but first tried whacking her with a slice o’ pizza.

When Rita couldn’t wake her mom up, she shared, “I called 911, but first I slapped her with a piece of pizza.”

Umm… okay.

The pizza slap didn’t work, but her call to 911 did the trick and help was on the way.

Lawlor received an award from the Sarasota County Fire Department for her bravery when her mom wouldn’t wake up and she called 911.

Rita kept her cool, gave details about where she lived during the call, and was instructed by the dispatcher to stand in her yard so the police could find her easily.

The pizza slap is still not explained.

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