'Girl with a Funny Talent,' Indeed: Can Your Eyebrows Dance Like Hers? (Video)

Girl with a funny talent
Sarah, 13, has a funny talent, indeed

Sure, maybe you can arch an eyebrow. Mabe you can even make it wiggle a bit. But can you make your eyebrows dance?

Thirteen-year-old Sarah from Australia can not only make her eyebrows dance, but she can make them bust a serious move.

In a viral video named “Girl With a Funny Talent,” Sarah breaks it down with her brows. It’s so cool that a tribute song has been made in her honor, according to ABC News, and her Facebook page has 43,000 “likes” and counting. Not bad for a 36-seond video of her eyebrows.

Watch this and see what the buzzy brows are all about:



Image & Video: YouTube


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