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Girls Get Bikini Waxes at Age 11? Seriously?! (Video)

By WendyM |

kid bikini waxing salon hairstyle

At what age should girls get a bikini wax?

How young is too young for a bikini wax? That’s the question posed here, as Good Morning America looked at the trend of taking kids as young as 8 to spas and salons for a variety of services, including waxing.

While many will argue there’s nothing wrong with treating their little girl to a spa day, there’s something slightly disturbing about putting this much emphasis on beauty and… you know… not just letting kids be kids.

Why rush little girls into the mentality that spending hours at the salon or spa equals beauty?

Is it any wonder so many girls have body image issues?

The spa and salon trend is growing, as moms are taking their girls at younger ages and getting services beyond the mother/daughter mani/pedi or just having their hair styled.

Add massages, facials, full hair services (including chemical straightening – wtf?) … and yes, waxing.

It’s troubling, to say the least.

What message are we sending to girls if we’re splurging on salon services to become beautiful? That you can’t be beautiful without getting a day full of expensive services?

One mom defends her 11-year-old getting a bikini wax by saying it’s a matter of hygiene.

Um. No.

She’s starting her young, you see, explaining, “I feel it’s part of hygiene… When it’s appropriate and they need to, they’ll be doing it.”

Let our little girls be little girls and show them that there’s more to being beautiful than getting facials and procedures to be hair-free.

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12 thoughts on “Girls Get Bikini Waxes at Age 11? Seriously?! (Video)

  1. Richan says:

    I don’t know, usually I’m against these kinds of things for little kids but I had hair down there when I was 10 and it was really embarrassing for me at the pool so I kept it near down there.

  2. Andrea says:

    @ Richan – there is a little girl on my daughter’s diving team (around 10 or 11, I’d say), and she has very dark hair everywhere! Her bikini line appears to start around her knees, and the other kids are beginning to notice that she is – well, hairy. If it were my daughter, I would let her wax, but only if she asked. I wouldn’t bring it up. I get the sense the kid on the team is starting to get uncomfortable about her grooming. The hair on her head, though! Wow! just gorgeous. So thick and curly. But it comes with a price.

  3. Sarah says:

    I don’t see what the difference is between shaving or waxing (they are talking about bikini line waxing, not a Brazilian or something like that) – the main purpose is so you can wear a swim suit without having pubic hair hanging out of the sides. And waxing will last a while, whereas shaving needs to be done continually…

  4. Linda, t.o.o. says:

    I have a daughter who does year round swim team. Enough said. I think waxing is painful, but if my daughter wanted to do that instead of shaving, it would be fine with me. I feel sorry for the girls whose mothers clearly don’t educate them about proper maintenance in that area, then put them in a swim suit in front of everyone.

  5. bettywu says:

    This isn’t an issue for us, so I’m being straight up about the fact that I’m speaking without experience, but I can’t help but wonder why hair is such a great big huge deal. So…the other kids can see that there’s hair. I’m guessing the boys have some hair, right? What is it about this hair that is so disturbing to everyone?

  6. Linda, t.o.o. says:

    @BettyWu, some people tend to be hairier than others. I’ve seen girls ats wim team with thick, dark hair growing way down their thigh area and I think it’s safe to say that no young girl wants other people to see her pubic hair. I don’t care to see that in other adult women’s either (thinking of a few forays to the wading pool when my kids were tots), but at least they’re grown enough to make that choice. Just…. no. Shave or wax whatever is going to extend beyond your bathing suit line and encourage your daughters to do the same… or wear swim shorts… or a suit with some sort of legs.

  7. Linda, t.o.o. says:

    To add, body hair isn’t “disturbing.” Everyone grows some. It’s just that pubic hair is private… or ought to be, IMO.

  8. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    I think that in special circumstances, where it’s clear that a young girl’s pubic hair is very visible past her swimsuit, that waxing or a trim might be the best solution, if only to save that poor girl the embarrassment of others staring or making comments. Then again, if the young girl isn’t competing on a swim team, then swim shorts could also be a good solution too….

  9. Michelle says:

    This is sad.These r young girls.Why the hell do they need that done at such a young age?

  10. Linda, t.o.o. says:

    11 year old girls often have pubic hair. And wear swim suits. I don’t understand the mystery here. Are some actually arguing that it’s a good idea for your daughters to be seen in public in a swim suit with pubes growing outside the bathing suit line? Does anyone care to try to justify this?

  11. Michelle says:

    I’m an Esthetician myself and am horrified at the thought of a woman bringing her young daughter in to get waxed. It’s too bad that we related beauty to unnatural practices. Why is hair ugly? Why won’t we allow our children to BE children and their biggest worry is to play in the sandbox or on the swingset? Nobody should push their ideas of beauty onto others. Hair is a natural thing.. would you encourage to wax their eyelashes off if you thought it was hygienic? No, because they’d look stupid. Same as any other thing. Maybe show your kids that you can be confident and beautiful AS YOURSELF instead of conforming to other standards. Hair is not ugly. Hair is natural. Besides, waxing and shaving can cause serious problems of their own. Maybe next time show your child how to be accepting of every kind of beauty.

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