Girls Go to Prom Dressed as Barbie Dolls


article-1198056-059ee60c000005dc-236_468x463I’m all for adding an artistic component to prom, which is usually far too stilted and image-conscious to be much fun at all. But I have to admit that the artistic flare two British 16-year-olds brought to their prom makes me feel slightly nauseated.

Sammy Burns and Megan Barton had the admirable impulse to do something unique for their prom. But I can’t say I’m thrilled with the concept that Sammy’s mother devised. “When Sammy was little she loved Barbie dolls and I thought they could go in boxes as Barbie dolls,” the 44-year-old business manager said.

The whole Burns family got involved in making the boxes, which took two weeks to complete. Sammy and Megan were then wheeled to the prom by family members dressed as delivery boys. The slow, hot walk took nearly 40 minutes.

In true Barbie form, the girls put looks before comfort to brave the claustrophobic boxes: “It was really hot and a little scary at first,” Sammy said. “But we soon got used to it and we kept smiling for everyone while they took pictures of us.”

Would you let your daughter be a Barbie doll for Halloween or another special occasion?

Photo: The Daily Mail

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