Girl's Skull Cracked at Dodger's Stadium


How safe are young children at professional sporting events? A three-year-old Los Angeles girl is in surgery, after a baseball smashed into her head during batting practice at Dodger’s Stadium on Monday.

According to the LA Times, Russell Martin hit a line drive into the stands near third base, hitting the girl and knocking her unconscious.

The girl’s father immediately carried the girl to a first-aid station and she was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles where doctors were set to operate the next day.

Martin was teary-eyed and visibly shaken right after the incident.

“As soon as it hit, I heard the sound, I knew it wasn’t a good sound. And then I saw him grab her, it didn’t look like she was moving, so that was scary,” Martin told “I mean, I’ve hit somebody before, but not where they had to be rushed to be the hospital.”

The player has offered to pay for all of the girl’s medical expenses.

The incident with the ball is certainly a freak accident, but I’ve often wondered whether children safe at professional sporting events. What do you think?

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