Glee To Honor Tyler Clementi

Chris Colfer
Chris Colfer

Last night, Glee gave us Grilled Cheesus, possibly creating a new cultural icon.

Now the hit show is planning an episode on gay teen suicide, in the wake of several suicides by teens who were bullied over their sexuality.

The deaths of Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher Brown, Billy Lucas and so many others could have been prevented if their peers had been more tolerant of their differences.

No child should be afraid for his safety because he’s gay or appears to be.

Chris Colfer, who plays the show’s gay star Kurt, has already done a short video for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project, urging gay teenagers to hang in there.

Now the whole cast will be dedicating an episode to this issue.

So often, pop culture looks the other way when teens are in trouble. It’s amazing to see this series stepping up and becoming part of the solution to a huge problem facing the teenagers in their audience.

Here’s Chris’ video. He’s an inspiration:

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