Glenn Beck, Smoking Toddlers, and More


Glenn Beck received harsh criticism from his own fans for attacking Malia Obama in his radio show after she asked her dad “Did you plug the hole yet?” in reference to the BP oil spill.  — Huffington Post

A friend of mine was offended when her OB referred to her as an “elderly gravida,” but age 35 has always been the cut-off for “advanced maternal age.”  But as Dr. Jason Rothbart points out, with today’s technology, all pregnant women need to have the option to test if they want peace of mind. — Parents Ask

Your toddler is two and still using a pacifier.  Sure, your mother-in-law says it’s time to give it up, but is it really?  LilSugar has a great slide show giving guidance on when it’s time to move on from certain milestones.

The mom of the smoking toddler from Indonesia says that she wants to help her son.  She brought him to Jakarta for advice, where she was told to redirect him when he wants a cigarette, but she says that smoking is so pervasive in her country that it’s hard for him to quit. — CNN

Avocados are a favorite baby’s first food, but toddlers and older kids love their sweet creaminess, too.  Here are several ways to enjoy this healthy treat with kids. — Eco Child’s Play

Photo: David Shankbone, Flickr