Go Play Outside


Kick the canIf you’re like me, you’re much better at watching sports than you are at playing them. But that doesn’t mean you can sit inside all day. Why? Because you have kids, dummy!

(Remember, this is “if you’re like me.”)

Let’s say you have kids that are done with camp and have not yet started school. And let’s say there’s a hurricane that is keeping you and yours from the beach. You have to get them outside so that you don’t lose your damn mind.

Wired has a nice list of outdoor games, complete with instructions. Hide and Seek, Tag, Simon Says, and the politically incorrect named Chinese Jump-Rope, plus 26 more. Check ’em out here.

I’d forgotten about TV Tag, that was a good one. Anyone have a game to add to the list?

Source: Wired

Image: Baby Blue Cafe