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sarah-palin-going-rogue-an-american-lifeI have to admit that I hadn’t thought about Sarah Palin for quite some time now. But doggone it, that gal sure can keep herself in the spotlight. Perhaps this is part of God’s Plan for Sarah Palin. What the H-E double hockey sticks am I talking about? Read on.

Steve Schmidt, an aide from John McCain’s failed Presidential campaign said on 60 Minutes that “Sarah Palin believed that Sen. John McCain chose her to be his running mate in 2008 because of ‘God’s plan’“, according to the Washington Post. For what it’s worth, Palin also believed the the War in Iraq is God’s Plan:

God’s Will also had something to do with the Alaskan Pipeline:

No word yet on whether or not a higher power had a hand in Palin’s deal to join Fox News. Kansas City Star columnist Yael T. Abouhalkah says “Palin joins Fox: There is a God.” Sing it with me now — “Give me that old-time religion…”

A friend of mine sent me an email about Sarah Palin joining Fox News and called it the least surprising headline ever. I’m not sure if I agree. Mark McGwire admitting that he did, in fact, take steroids was also pretty unsurprising. Although maybe the fact that he actually admitted it is the surprising part.

Also somewhat surprising is the fact that the FBI knew of McGwire’s steroid use, according to The guy I feel somewhat bad for is Hank Aaron. Not so much because his record was broken by guys who took steroids. I feel a little bad for him because he has to keep answering questions about these schmucks. Aaron told USA Today that he forgives McQuagmire, and “If that’s all that stands in the way between [McGwire] being inducted into Cooperstown, we should all forgive him.”

Former Guantánamo Bay prison guard Brandon Neely typed the name of one of his former prisoners into Facebook and they, un, friended each other. They eventually met in real life and we can watch it on BBC World News America tonight. (New York Times)

Rod Blagojevich says that he is “Blacker than Barack Obama” in an Esquire interview. Then he said he was sorry for saying that. I love B-Rod. He’s the best. (NBC Chicago)

Andy Martin is running an ad that claims there is a “solid rumor” that opponent Mark Kirk is a homosexual. There are many things wrong with this. First, is Martin saying that you shouldn’t vote for a gay person? Second, “Illinois Republican leader Jack Roeser says there is a, ‘solid rumor that Kirk is a homosexual.'” You can do that? “My hairdresser told me that she heard Andy Martin has webbed feet. AND an extra nipple.” Political ads are bad, but this seems like a new low. Even more amazing is that people are defending him. Like this person who wonders if  the “attacks on Andy” are because “he’s a conservative voice that ruffles peoples’ feathers because of his outspoken and sometimes tactless & brutal honesty?” It couldn’t be anything he actually DID. Yes, it’s a comment on a blog. But still.

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