Going Live with Ustream


Our most successful My Mommy Manual projects in the past three years have been those in which we engaged with our audience in real time. The tool that has been most helpful in this respect has been Ustream.

I first discovered Ustream through the internet marketing crowd. Many people I knew in the teleseminar/webinar space were using it to promote their info products and/or events. I was fascinated by the technology. What? I can see my friends broadcasting from wherever — and interact with them through chat?

Quickly, I picked up that I could combine Ustream with Skype and actually be able to broadcast and record live interviews with people in remote locations, and toggle camera angles! And, that I could easily embed the broadcast and chatroom in my own site. Armed with these tools, the possibilities were endless!

Everyone loves a party… especially one that doesn’t require you to leave your house or get all dressed up to be part of the fun. Thus we patched in Guy Kawasaki for our Pajama Party to raise money for mom entrepreneurs in Kenya with 12 for 12K and Mom It Forward. We interviewed Ayelet Waldman when her book, Bad Mother was released and Sarah Susanka on her book, The Not So Big Life. We’ve hosted two virtual baby showers so far, raising money for a related non-profit. Each time, hundreds of people tuned in, engaged, chatted and in a span of a few hours, raised thousands for our causes. As you can see, I’ve embedded the recording of our last fundraiser here. If you can copy and paste, you can do this too.

All you need is a free Ustream account and a video source (like your built in iSight camera or a camcorder plugged in to your computer). Once you’re signed up it’s as simple as pressing GO LIVE!

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