Good Morning Shooters, Or, You Can't Make a Salad With a Gun

batman shooting, colorado shooting
Guns kill.

Guns kill.

I don’t know if you guys know this.

But that’s what they’re designed for. To kill people.

In fact, that’s the only thing they’re designed to do.

Guns don’t have another function.

They shoot bullets and they kill people.

A gun killed 12 people and wounded many more last night, some of them young children. One of the wounded is a 3-month-old.

I’ve written umpteen posts about gun violence here on Strollerderby as we’ve covered school shootings, the attack in Arizona that killed several and ended the political career of Gabby Giffords, Trayvon Martin’s death. I’ve talked about how my grandparents died as a result of gun violence. It doesn’t matter how many people die at the hands of gunmen. There will always be someone who even in the face of a machine gun massacre is stupid and callous enough to post something like this:

nra, colorado shooting, batman shooting, dark knight shooting, gun violence
Good morning, shooters!

Yes, this is real. And was posted on Twitter at 9:20 this morning. Their next tweet was not an apology for a poorly timed pre-scheduled tweet. It was a #FF list of more gun enthusiasts.

Louis C.K. went on The Daily Show to explain that he wasn’t a “rape apologist” because he accidentally tweeted Daniel Tosh about liking Tosh.0 without knowing about the Tosh rape joke controversy that was happening simultaneously. The NRA? American Rifleman? You won’t see an apology from these people about this. Not even if you held a gun to their head.

When shootings like this happen, many wonder, how? How is this possible? It is possible because we allow guns in the hands of almost anyone. That’s how. When I called to check on a friend in Denver this morning, she said, “If you’ve got a gun and you’re crazy, you can walk in anywhere and kill everybody.”

And that just about says it, don’t it?

Oh sure, gun advocates will tell you there are careful screening processes before anyone can buy a gun. That if guns weren’t legal it would be easier for crazy people to get illegal guns. That “good guys” should have guns so that they can stop “bad guys” with guns from killing people. Either way, someone dies at the hand of a gunman.

So then they’ll tell you, if there weren’t guns, there’d still be knives! People kill people. Guns don’t kill people! You can kill someone with a knife.

That’s true. But you can also make a salad with a knife. You can’t make a salad with a gun.

American culture is violent. Some would argue that is the nature of our nation. We stole this land from others. We killed the Indians not just in battle but with smallpox blankets. We enslaved Africans. We fought against each other in a “civil” war. We expanded our borders by conquering The Wild West with pistols.

Then at one point we decided we wouldn’t live like outlaws and bandits anymore. We wouldn’t let chaos and intimidation reign. We made laws that protected people from violence. But as long as there are guns, people will die at the hands of gunmen.

If you’ve got a gun and you’re crazy, you can walk in anywhere and kill everybody.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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