Good News for Egyptian Families: Mubarak May Resign This Afternoon

moubarak resigns
Many protesters have brought their children to Cairo's liberation square.

“Stay patient girls, we’re giving birth to a revolution!”  That’s what women have been chanting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, along with singing Egypt’s national anthem, according to tweets from CNN reporters following the #jan25 revolution in real time.  The people are awaiting a speech by President Mubarak, likely informing them he will resign.  Some commentators are suggesting Vice President Omar Suleiman will take charge, while others believe he will cede power to the military.

The Egyptian information minister has denied that Mubarak will step down, but is suggesting rather that “this is a transfer of the system of government from the civilian to military.”  So, in other words, Mubarak is stepping down.  That’s probably the least effective attempt at spin I’ve ever heard; clearly this guy could learn a thing or two from American politicians.

CNN reports that some protesters were chanting “Civil, civil, not military!” upon hearing the news of a possible transition of power to the army, “but others in Tahrir Square said they would welcome such a change.”

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it unfolds.  Protesters continue to wait for Mubarak to speak.

Photo via Flickr