Good Riddance, Katie Holmes! Livia Scott Wants to Marry Tom Cruise

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Hey Tom, I'm not attracted to you, either!

I have been following all the news out of the TomKat divorce with great interest these past few weeks. The whole thing has been very dramatic; like his other wives, Katie was 33 when she finally left Tom (a number significant to Scientology) and she allegedly did it with the help of Nicole Kidman and secret cell phones. Some wonder why Katie is being painted as the frail, helpless party here, but I don’t. Katie was an adult when she married Tom, yes, but based on their whirlwind romance and the intense initial chemistry she touted when they met, I’d say it’s pretty clear that their relationship was toxic and that she was under the spell of (and yes, being manipulated by) a narcissist. With creepy eyes. Who’s in a cult. And possibly gay.

But none of that matters to my friend, comedian Livia Scott, who is perfectly willing to marry Tom’s crazy ass now that Katie is out of the picture. Scott, who you may recognize from her viral hit I Like You Better on Facebook says she’ll happily be Tom’s beard, or his society wife, or whoever he wants her to be, as long as he introduces her to the right agents. Take a look at this brilliant video proposal she made to the pint-sized actor:


The video is hilarious on its own, but if you want the real punchline of the whole project, definitely do dial the number listed at the end!