"Goodnight iPad" Parodies Classic "Goodnight Moon" (Video)

Goodnight iPad parody Goodnight Moon Steve Jobs
A Goodnight Moon parody for a new generation?

And now… a bedtime story for high tech families…

Check out this parody of “Goodnight Moon,” called “Goodnight iPad,” a call to action to shut down the electronics for the evening and settle in for the night.

Written by David Milgrim (under the pen name Ann Droyd), “Goodnight iPad” follows the formula of Margaret Wise Brown’s popular children’s book, written in 1947.

“Goodnight iPad” is slightly updated for a new generation of gadget lovin’ families, with goodnights to “the bings, bongs, and beep of e-mails and tweets.”

While it’s no “Go The F**k To Sleep,” there’s definitely a place for “Goodnight iPad,” though don’t expect it to ever replace the classic it parodies.

Look for Goodnight iPad to be released on October 27.

Will you be adding it to your child’s library of bedtime stories?