Google Doodle Celebrates Father's Day With Lamest Gift Ever: a Tie

google doodle, father's day
Really, Google? A tie?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!  If you’re reading this on Monday (because who wants to spend their holiday online?), you may not have seen that Google featured one of their famous “doodles” in honor of Father’s Day, with a clean, simple design inspired by one of the lamest Father’s Day gifts ever: the necktie.

No offense if you got your husband or father a tie this year, but let’s talk about some more unique Father’s Day gifts.  Did you send your Dad skydiving?  Take him on a fishing vacation?  Clean his garage?  I thought we could make this an open thread where each of you gets to brag about how creative and awesome you are when it comes to gift-giving.  What have you gotten Dad that absolutely blew him away?  Which of your gifts tanked?

I’ll start by sharing that my siblings and I always strove to get our Dad gifts for every occasion that would impress him, and he always, always, always complained about everything we ever bought.  “What’d you go and spend money on a thing like this for?,” he’d ask.  “You’re only gonna ask me for gas money when you leave!”  (So. True.)

Tell me about your favorite Father’s Day memories in the comments below!

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