Google Doodle Celebrates Independence Day From Sea To Shining Sea

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Google celebrates America's birthday with today's logo.

The concept for this year’s July 4th Google Doodle spans our country. What I like about these Google Doodle logos is that many appeal to children while also teaching them something about the day they are commemorating.

Today’s Independence Day doodle shows famed landmarks and classic American images over an artistic piece that represents the United States map melded into the Google logo. (see below)

The left side shows the San Francisco gate bridge, a family horse near a farm, a home in Midwest town, a baseball, a bald eagle, the Chicago Sears Tower, and the Statue of Liberty stands proud as the “L” on Google.

Over the top of the map, a rainbow hangs over the 50 states. The west coast is bright and sunny while night has settled over the eat coast with fireworks going off over New York City.

Check it out with your kids and see how many iconic images they can name. Then ask them if they can identify what they represent. Scroll down to see complete logo below.

Happy July 4th!

Image: Google