Google Doodle Celebrates Mark Twains Birthday


Mark Twain Google Doodle

If you look at Google’s homepage on Wednesday you’ll find an old-timey, attractive and attention-getting homage to the great American novelist, Mark Twain. Yup, the Google doodle has gone literary.  The image is ripped from the pages of his books and shows his iconic characters Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer trying to whitewash a fence with the Google logo on it. The wide spanned image is gorgeous and was inspired by Mark Twain’s  illustrator, True Williams.

The Google Doodle coincides with Mark Twain’s birthday. How old would he have been?

If he, through some kind of medical miracle, was still alive today he would be a whopping 176 years old.  Twain’s books, even though they are over a century old, still seem fresh today and are pretty much required reading for all our kids, and us adults too.

You can check out the Google doodle in all it’s glory right here.

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