Google Doodle: Happy Holidays Interactive Awesomeness!

The New Google Doodle!

Okay, you have to hand it to the front page artisans of Google. Yet again they have flexed their muscles of awesomeness and given us internet users (and yes, I’m talking to you) a lovely present, this time it’s in the form of some holiday cheer just in time for Christmas. The coolest thing about this brand new Google Doodle?

It’s another one of their interactive ones. The Google logo is lit up in Christmas lights and as you click on the colored boxes below, different tones ring out and different Christmas images appear until a full holiday song plays out. When my kid got her hands on this Google Doodle right before bedtime (after it launched close to 9pm PST), she did the whole sequence several times before threats of “Santa isn’t going to come if you don’t go get some sleep,” came out of our mouths. Yeah, it’s the kind of awesome that parents and kids alike will adore.

After the full Google light display and holiday tune the page will go to the search for “Happy Holidays.”

You can feel the Google love right here!


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