Google Doodle: Super Adorable Valentines Day Love


Google did it again: they transformed their usual and predictable logo into one of their special “Google Doodle” to commemorate yet another special day.  And this one is filled with love and sweetness —  it’s for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in Google Doodle-land is a marriage of an adorable retro tinged illustrations with a rendition of the Hank Williams tune “Cold, Cold Heart” performed by the legendary crooner Tony Bennett.

The clever animated short features a boy trying to figure out the best way to woo the girl of his dreams…

In a quest to win her over he goes to you guessed it the internet and via Google he buys the standard romantic gifts from flowers to chocolates. But what she wants and/or needs isn’t something he can just order. After trial and error, he finally figured it out (you’ll have to watch to see what it is…I won’t spoil it for you). Romance blossoms. Yeah, told you it was filled with love and sweetness.

At the end of the clip is a collection of other happy couples a frog and a prince, a cookie and a carton of milk,  and what may cause controversy and/or celebration two tuxedoed men holding hands

You can check out the clip of the Google Doodle right here:

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