Google Logo Today Includes Some Favorite Holiday Foods

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Pierogies! A delicious and easy treat for the whole family.

If you’ve seen Google’s logo today, or the “Google Doodle” as it’s known, you probably noticed that most of the images comprising their Christmas greeting are of people and places around the world.  A few, however, are culinary in nature.  There are lovely illustrations of the Buche de Noel, the Chilean vineyards, chili peppers and pierogis.

I love Mexican food, so I’m no stranger to chili peppers, and who doesn’t love a nice Chilean wine?  I’ve never had a Buche de Noel, but I have had a Friendly’s Jubilee Roll, so I’m calling that close enough.  The one of these food items I’m best acquainted with, though, is pierogis.  Not only did we eat them at every holiday meal when I was a kid, they’re the thing I found easiest to cook for my daughter when she was a toddler.  They’re the perfect size for tiny baby hands to grasp, and they can be filled with lots of different stuffings.

In fact, I’m happy to say after ten years of living in New York, I finally made it to Ukrainian hotspot Veselka for the first time, where they sell 7 different varieties of pierogies.  I tried all 7 and would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I think I liked the sweet potato the best.  If you’d like to try making some homemade pierogies for your family this Christmas, check out Family Kitchen’s easy recipe.  (Me?  I’ll stick to the frozen kind.)  If you’ll be in New York this holiday season, stop by Veselka in the East Village and try the pierogies – and their delicious Christmas Borscht.  If you’re far away from the city but love the taste of Eastern Europe, you can pick up a copy of the Veselka cookbook.

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