Google Makes Gmail More Social


Gmail is about to get way more social.

Google is continuing to integrate its Google+ social media network into its other products, and now you’ll get the chance to see how you are connected on the social network to the people you’re emailing through Gmail.

You might have noticed back in December that Circles (how Google+ organizes the folks you follow) was integrated into your Gmail; it’s now an option on your left sidebar navigation along with “inbox” and “sent mail.” Now, when you search for someone in Gmail, you’ll get a lovely little snapshot of the person you’re searching.

The Google blog is positively gushy about adding the social element to Gmail.

Email is more than just messages going back and forth — it’s also about the people sending them. That’s why today we’re introducing changes that continue to bring people front and center in Gmail, just as we did with profile photos in conversation view, the people widget and last year’s integrations with Google+. Today’s changes include quick access to contact details when viewing past conversations as well as improved integration with Google+ circles.

I know I keep hammering away at the importance of Google+ and maintaining your profile and working on your author rank, and here is just another reminder of why it’s so critical: Google is going to MAKE us love Google+. You might as well embrace it.

Mashable was kind enough to create a video about the Gmail integration with Google+. Enjoy!

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