Google Now Joins Google Search App on iOS


Google Now is added to the Google Search App for iOSIf you’ve been sad about not having the rather awesome Google Now app on your iPhone, well, be sad no longer. The majority of the functionality of the Google Now features have been folded into the Google Search app on iOS for iPad and iPhone.

I’ve downloaded it, and it’s pretty sweet. I love the way it uses your location to tell you about everything around you. Since I’m currently safely esconsed in my little suburban town, I got info on local restaurants, events, and weather (55 and rainy, alas). It also gave me directions to my doctor’s office (I have an appointment there today) as well as the World Trade Center (I was searching earlier in the day for images of the spire being added to the new tower).

Okay. The way Google collects my data and knows what I’ve been searching is a little disturbing, but you can’t deny the practicality of it.

I suspect I’ll find the Google Now portion pretty useful while I’m at the Mom 2.0 Summit this weekend; I can use it to find dinner options or the local drug store, for instance.


If you need a reminder about what Google Now is all about, here’s their original promo video.

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