Google Plus Introduces Pages


On November 7, Google announced Google Plus Pages for brands, businesses and celebrities, similar to Facebook pages. So similar to Facebook, these entities can broadcast to er, “interact with” all their fans. But why? If they already have a presence on Facebook’s 800 million strong platform versus the fledgling Google+, with 40 million users.

Other than “owning your brand,” the most compelling reason is that Google integrates Plus into it’s search engine. Um. So need I say more?

For example, if you type “+YouTube” into a Google search box, you will go directly to YouTube’s Google Plus page. (My own personal Plus page comes up as 4th in search results when I type in “+riasharon.”)

Babble just introduced it’s Google Plus Page. So if you want the best of Babble’s Food, Kid, Mom, Home and Style posts right in your stream, add them to a circle. Personally, I’m creating a separate circle for Pages, to prevent the mess I’ve got going on in Facebook or Twitter.

I think Google’s integration strategy is it’s main long-term advantage Google+ has over both Facebook and Twitter, who are currently leading in laps by numbers. Google offers a kick-ass email service (gmail). It offers fundamental online tools for us digitally-dependent: Google Docs, Calendar, Google Talk, Chat, group video conferencing (through Plus Hangouts) — all of which are tied to Google Plus. The verdict isn’t out yet on the Google Plus experience — lots of debate, lots of lukewarm reviews. But honestly, it reminds me very much of my early days on both Twitter and Facebook. And I find it interesting that both Twitter and Facebook keep adding more features that are similar to… Google Plus. So who’s innovating now?

If you own a company or are promoting a brand, at the very least, claim your Google Plus Page now and ride the wave! :)