Google Rolls Out Nutritional Data For 1,000 Foods

Google Search Adds Basic Nutritional Info
An example of a nutritional search on Google via mobile.

I’ve been working on getting healthy lately, and part of that process has been finding new creative recipes that are both good for you and tasty. As a result, I’m often trying to find basic nutritional info so I can better choose the best recipes.

Google is stepping in to help out by introducing simple nutritional data for over 1000 foods available on search (and on voice search on mobile!). While not yet available to everyone Google has rolled it out for about 10% of users so far, but will be available to everyone within about ten days it will go a long way toward helping people find the info they need.

If you’re like me and you are standing in the kitchen while pulling together your recipe, you’ll be able to use the Google Search app to ask by voice about a particular food, which is pretty awesome (although Google suggests you make sure your version of the app is up to date).

I’m pretty excited about this new development. While it hasn’t been difficult to find nutritional info online (and I personally rely heavily on an app for counting calories), but there are always substantially conflicting results, and Google claims that it can help you distinguish minor caloric differences such as a California avocado vs. an avocado from Florida. Definitely a big help! Well, as long as you know where you avocados come from.

Check it out! Will you use Google to find calorie info, or do you have another tool you love?


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