Gorgeous Street Photography Offers Human Portals Into Another World

Photographer Nacho Ormaechea captures street life and then uses the silhouettes of his human subjects to offer the viewer a portal into another world. The juxtaposition of what we see around the people silhouetted and what we see in the world within them is brilliant and causes us to reflect on assumptions we make about strangers, the vastness of a person’s inner life and experience and creates an awareness about how we take our daily lives for granted so that our routines become dull.¬†Ormaechea’s art urges us to continue to see possibility, creativity and beauty in the people and things – even the colors and textures – around us.

  • Liquidation 1 of 25

    I love the way the sign hits her at waist level so she ends up with a great graffiti skirt.

  • Heavens 2 of 25

    That must be a really good book.

  • FIRE 3 of 25

    Maybe he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

  • In Knots 4 of 25

    Don't we all feel like this part of the time? Head in knots, holding ourselves up?

  • Sandals 5 of 25

    I love this. The echo of a mother's voice, "Put some shoes on!" Or an adult woman in the grass who finally got to kick her shoes off, dreaming of being barefoot as a child.

  • Renaissance 6 of 25

    This one leaves me speechless. It's so ornate. I love the way the fingers of the painting are wrapped around the knee of the woman on the right. Like they're comforting or cradling her.

  • Mist 7 of 25

    Reading transports us.

  • Leaf 8 of 25

    It's as if the bench has grown up through her, in the autumn of her life.

  • Mannequin 9 of 25

    Behind every great man ...

  • Rope 10 of 25

    Can't right now ... I'm tied up with work.

  • Mystery Man 11 of 25

    Secret spy!

  • Feed the Birds 12 of 25

    Tuppence a bag ...

  • Naughty 13 of 25

    He must be listening to Rihanna.

  • Busy Bee 14 of 25

    Work, work, work! Pollinate the conversation with ideas that will flower.

  • Depth 15 of 25

    Is she spiraling?

  • Bark 16 of 25

    Pining for lost love ...

  • Lights 17 of 25

    You're glowing, man! A glowing man!

  • Canyon Lodge 18 of 25

    Neon flickers ...

  • Dandy Lion 19 of 25

    Make a wish!

  • Underground 20 of 25

    But dreaming of sun.

  • Gumballs 21 of 25

    Your mother always told you if you swallowed gum it would stick to your insides!

  • Wood 22 of 25

    She's got a log on her mind these days ...

  • Doll Baby 23 of 25

    I love the way the Barbies highlight the shape of this man's face!

  • Tower 24 of 25

    The Eiffel Tower, jutting out as his nose, echoed by his dog's snout - genius.

  • Hello Kitty 25 of 25

    It took my eyes a while to decipher the Hello Kitty balloon, but then suddenly it popped out at me like one of those 3D puzzles they used to run in the newspaper alongside Where's Waldo? It's child's play!

Photos used with permission of the photographer. Please visit his stunning website for more!


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Article Posted 2 years Ago
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