Got a Will? Who Will Watch Your Kids If You Die?

Who do you trust to raise your kids?

I’ve heard of some couples who travel on planes separately so that in case one of them dies in a crash, one will still be left to raise the children. This always struck me as a bit odd considering your chances of a plane crash are next to nothing. I mean, if that’s your method of operation you better start meeting each other at the movies, restaurants and all the other places couples usually travel to together.

But okay, for the sake of this article – POP QUIZ: let’s just say your plane does go down on your way to Jamaica or Europe or wherever you were headed – who will raise your children? And if you did answer that question within five seconds, have you legally made it so?

I have absolutely no clue who would raise my kids in the event of our untimely passing. I mean, each option is fraught with difficulties. Seriously, I’m not trying to offend anyone but it’s the truth. Our siblings? Oy vey. This one has his hands full with a sick wife, that one is unstable, this one is unemployed.  Grandparents?  One set of grandparents is not an option, another set is pretty old and lives in a very rural area, other grandparents are single and still working full-time and don’t really feel like a good option.  My kids don’t have godparents. Isn’t that what godparents do? Step in and raise the kids in case of death? Can you hire godparents because we’re in a bit of a bind over here? I mean, what do you do if none of your options are exactly the greatest but you want to be responsible and have a will?

Do we need to start hanging out with young, responsible parents? Loitering around the aisles of Home Depot, hitting on couples with kids?  And then, a couple months into the relationship ask them over for drinks and have The Talk.  You know, when we ask them where our relationship is going and if they want to take it to the next level by, you know, raising our kids if we die?  Is that our only option?

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