Graduation FAIL: 8,000 Students Receive Diplomas with Typos

It's called SPELL CHECK, people

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But some errors are a wee bit more egregious than others.

When you’re congratulating students on the accomplishment of graduating from high school via a diploma, it’s probably best to check and double check your work. As in, proofread the diplomas before you hand them out.

After all, it would be awfully embarrassing to hand out 8,000 diplomas with a typo, right?

Right, Prince George County? (Ahem.)

The Washington Post reports that all high school diplomas handed out last week in Prince George County said students completed an “approved progam of study.”

It was a Farifax County vendor, National Quality Products, that printed the diplomas. They’ve owned up to their mistake (although it probably would have been tough not to), as has the school system, who apparently noticed the mistake while the commencement ceremonies were in process.

The cost to print the first batch of diplomas with the typos? $15,075

The cost to the school to have the diplomas reprinted? Free

The cost for kids who have the original diplomas to forever look back and laaaaaaaugh at the exact moment they realized adults aren’t always as smart as they seem? Priceless

Source: Jezebel

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