Grandma Delivers Her Own Grandaughter - In Car Wash Parking Lot!

Car Wash
Maternity Time at the Car Wash

Grandmothers come in very handy. They make great baby sitters, they give fabulous birthday presents and they dole out the best hugs. But some grandmothers lend a hand in some pretty unexpected ways, like it or not. When nature calls, some grandmas are forced to spring into action. Case in point? Janelle Herrmann who — as Fox News reported — had the surprise honor of delivering her own granddaughter in the parking lot of a car wash. What happened?

Ms. Hermann of Charles City, Iowa was riding along with her daughter Tiara Grady and her son-in-law Matt Grady while they were rushing to the hospital to deliver the Grady’s second child. But the labor progressed quicker than they thought and the family had to pull over. They found themselves in the parking lot of the Mason City car wash where Ms. Hermann jumped in and successfully delivered her own granddaughter. Paramedics were soon on the scene and mother, daughter (and Grandma) were doing just fine.

Would you feel confident jumping in to deliver a baby yourself?

Image: Flickr