Grandparents + Photo Booth = Endless Fun (Video)

grandparents photo booth
When grandparents discover Photo Booth

Growing up is overrated, which is why many of us refuse to do it.

But what about your parents your children’s grandparents? Have they started to settle into old age or are they still living a youthful life?

Check out this video, that shows what happens when you combine grandparents and the Apple Photo Booth. Let’s just say, hilarity ensues.

We had a similar experience at a family dinner, where my kids showed their grandparents all the goofy things they could do with Photo Booth. To say that people were practically rolling on the floor laughing isn’t even an exaggeration.

Honestly, how can you not laugh at this stuff? From the oversized heads, to pinched and tweaked effects, the options are endless.

But seriously, that one eye business sort of freaks me out.

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