Great American Backyard Campout and More


Saturday marks the National Wildlife Federation’s sixth annual Great American Backyard Campout.  Dust off your tent, cook up some s’mores in the microwave, and make some memories for your kids in the backyard. — Whoa, Momma!

There are several great parenting sites on Forbes list of the top 100 websites for working women, including our own Babble and Strollerderby.

Work It, Mom’s Leah K says “….but for me it’s been surprising how often I’ve made unexpected decisions simply because I’m a different person now that I’m an actual practicing mother (and my son is a different person than the hypothetical baby I’d dreamt up all those years ago).”  Are you a different parent now than you thought you’d be before you had kids?

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is recommending that all pregnant women be tested for smoking at their first prenatal appointment. As Jezebel points out, women are already asked if they smoke, so this seems to be an attempt to catch them in a lie — why not just provide the information on pregnancy and smoking to all patients?

It’s been 20 years since Billy Joel did “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Comic and dad of two Bruce Fine updates the song in this 2009-2010 parody. — Parentdish

Photo: makelessnoiseli, Flickr

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